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I now offer Coaching out in the wild, up on the beautiful South Downs above Lewes and along the beautiful River Ouse...

We walk and talk as we go. 

I like to think of it as a walk with you, me and the environment actively listening to eachother in co-partnership.  


I love coaching sessions while walking in the wild because its such a great environment to reflect in and breath in new air!  Nature can teach us a lot as we move, breathing in new possibilities and letting go of things that don't serve us.  We take mindful pauses on the journey to see what nature can teach us on the way. 

These walks are a great opportunity to get out of your head and into your body more. Clients find they are great for opening perspective and thinking big. They are also perfect for this time of socially distancing and being in the open air!

You can combine wild coaching with Zoom sessions as part of your coaching journey, or do all sessions outside if you wish. Sessions are the same amount of time as Zoom sessions - 1 hour.

I'm also offering a year cycle of Seasonal Coaching Walks in groups - which follow the Celtic equinoxes & solstices & times inbetween. To be in the loop of these please subscribe to my newsletter below...

"Coaching on the Downs with Daisy is a really different experience. Being outside gave a whole new perspective on my goals and challenges. I got a surprisingly emotional reaction from being in the beautiful landscape. We struck lucky with a clear crisp autumn sunset, which helped! As we walked, Daisy used the changing environment to reflect the threads of the conversation. Daisy has a very gentle but direct way of challenging you, which I found really useful. Thanks Daisy. I’ve definitely taken some steps forward from working with you."       Kate

"The weather was windy and fresh yet I felt warmed by her company and her innate ability to ask questions which lit me up… I enjoyed the frequent pauses to come fully into the ‘now’; to take perspective and observe the lay of the land, the pathways, the trees, the hills, the vast open vistas with all it’s surprises; encouraged to deeply contemplate my choice of direction according to the symbology of the unfolding environment and its relevance to my inner journey. Daisy is a fantastic listener and has a natural flair for asking just the right questions, and at the right moment, in order to draw those fruitful insights up to the surface, and equally to understand those unfurling insights, showing engaged interest which lead us on to ever deeper and more satisfying lines of enquiry."   Bella

"It felt incredibly nourishing on many levels of my being to be in connection with another human in this way, a rare, shameless, indulgence having the full uninterrupted attention of a skilled coach, to really see what need to be seen, which turned out to be incredibly helpful for me indeed, not to mention a very healthy way to spend an afternoon in delightful company. I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone."

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