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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead                                                                      -

One of my greatest joys is being a connector/ co-creator of a seed idea to manifestation and it's a great honor for me to see projects come to fruition. I am a convener, producer and collaborator specialising in inspiring projects that positively impact our communities and the environment. 

I combine my experience in coaching, leadership and strategy to help your project be the best it can be. Offering my time, knowledge and expertise to help achieve collective impact I work with individuals and groups helping them work out what’s really important to them, helping them understand their bigger vision, purpose and aims, and then align that with their work, removing obstacles and embracing opportunities along the way. After the initial visioning I then support the project to manifestation through ongoing 1-1 Coaching, and Co-ordination support. 


I specialise in festivals and community projects: 

  • Developing overall strategies

  • Designing schedules which create group connection & participation

  • Creating programmes and creating strategy for teams

My training and experience is from real life projects... festivals and events that

have impacted thousands of people over the last 15 years: from multiple 5 days

events to long term land projects, to pioneering family camps and workshops.

I have worked at all levels within those events... from visioning Festivals and

Events from seed-idea to successful manifestation, to co-ordinating the

programme, to being on a variety of teams. My broad experience from

grass-roots to Director level is a great asset to understanding what's needed from

all angles to support you through your project.

How can I support your project?

  • With an initial Vision Day for you and your core team we get clear on your core idea, its aims, its dreams, its bigger picture. This is like an anchor to the whole project and essential to any successful event. Without it any project can lose momentum, focus, cohesion and drive when the going gets more intense!

  • Together we create a clear strategy for the event, understand optimum scheduling, creating happy teams and community landscaping through coaching key team members 1-1 or 1/2 day at a time, when needed throughout the project timeline.

  • You have a confidential place to safely soundboard ideas, get perspective, clarity, and clear direction as the project moves forward, with an experienced Project Coach like me. It's a great asset to support the core team and support a projects manifestation in the world.



   Coaching works as a great catalyst to get your juices going for a new project or keep you on track.  These one off sessions or monthly / bi-monthly check-ins are ideal for bigger project, festival and event planning.

  • You want to keep connected to your bigger vision, keep yourself on track and have a sounding board for your project.

  • You might not have enough time in your schedule to commit to regular coaching so this is perfect.

  • You want to stay motivated and connected to the bigger picture of your project.

  • You want to keep highlighting and removing obstacles and limited beliefs which are preventing your personal or project growth.

  • Call me to have a chat about costs of these sessions.


"For most of human history, the highest development of visionary skill was limited to a few exceptional individuals in each community (shamans, prophets, visionaries, and so on). Now this capacity of deep imagination must be cultivated by all adults if we are to create sustainable cultures.” 

                                                                      ~ Bill Plotkin, Author of  “Nature and the Human Soul”

“We will not change what has emerged. We are starting over, basing our work on values and practices that are distinctively countercultural, so outside the norm that most people can’t understand what we’re doing. We need to continue to persevere in our radical work, experimenting with how we can work and live together to evoke human creativity and caring. Only time will tell whether our efforts contribute to a better future. We can’t know this, and we can’t base our work or find our motivation from expecting to change this world.”

                                                                  ~ Meg Wheatley, Author of “So Far from Home”

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