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Time To Thrive 1 -1 journey

An 8 week journey in creating resilience & wellbeing to support you in changing times

This 8 week coaching journey is a chance to explore what inspires & nourishes you & what future visions you'd like to bring into your life. This is an opportunity to get focus & perspective in changing times... It's designed to nourish, re-inspire & motivate you to move forward with clarity & focus to create your ideal life. On the journey we'll connect with your strengths, recognising your skills & gifts on your life journey?  We'll also look at new possibilities for your future & you'll come away with clearer sense of direction & intention.

"I feel more connected to my power sources and passions, an enhanced

awareness of my values and life path…calmer & more grounded.

The future feels less daunting.“



Week 1: Beginnings and what makes your heart sing?

Week 2: Celebrating achievements & successes


Week 3: Self nourishment & making space

Week 4: Exploring your values & inspirations

Week 5: Adventure in your life

Week 6: Creating a Vision Board [2 1/2 hr session]

Week 7: Intention setting/ AKA the bigger picture

Week 8: Celebrating the journey & closing

Life is full of surprises & changes & sometimes we just need a sense of clarity, perspective & self-nourishment to get us moving forward. Often when big changes happen in life, we can feel like we are at the middle of a crossroads, unsure what way to go next! Transition times are full of potential & hope, but also can be overwhelming and confusing & this coaching journey is designed to support you through these times to a more resilient & authentic life. This course is designed for anyone going through transition & changing times. 


The programme is aligned with my group programme of the same name but we will work one to one on Zoom [or in person] using coaching & creative tools to open up your vision & inner resources to take back into your daily lives. We will meet every week for an 1 + 15 min, part from week 6 which is 2 1/2 hours long.


Kids left or going to school? 

Changed jobs? 

Newly separated/ divorced? 

Moved house? 

Or maybe just feeling stuck with where you are right now? 


Check out what past participants have said about this course below... 



This course is 11 1/2 hours of 1-1 contact time, with your own personal Coach, over the 8 weeks, alongside availability for quick check in's in-between sessions via phone / email. 

As a way of making this service available to more people I have introduced sliding scale payment options. You choose which rate to pay based on your circumstances. If you're on a low income, student or other circumstances, please get in touch, as I sometimes have concessionary slots available.

Full rate: £805. For incomes above £50,000

Middle rate: £690. For incomes less than £50,000

Lower rate: £575. For incomes less than £40,000

Payment options:

  • In full before starting the sessions

  • Monthly payments are possible by setting up a standing order in advance of the 1st session and paid before each session

Ways to pay:

  • Bank transfer

  • Monthly Direct Debit

  • Paypal 

Contact me here to have a Discovery Chat or book


"Daisy’s authentic work comes from a place of true integrity & genuine compassion to see her clients blossom in their lives.  She embodies a strong clear yet soft & nurturing energy which has made me feel safe & able to open up my vulnerabilities.  She holds the space with such grace & beauty - she is wise & shares her wonderful knowledge with generosity so all can benefit.  This is the feminine heart in action."  



“I can attest that this is a wonderful course! I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels the need to be nurtured & uplifted, especially if you’re in a state of change at the moment. It’s nourishing and extremely helpful!”  



“It was firstly a lot of fun & incredibly useful for us all being at a ‘cross roads’ & time of change. The course was made up of exercises both physical & mental, we got to create vision boards, share in a safe space, reflect, dream, share ourselves & have ended up with a journal like tool kit that we can always refer to in those stunted/ lost moments! I would absolutely recommend this course & consider coaching with Daisy! She is softly powerful & will help to bring clarity to a clouded mind & heart!“  


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