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Time To Thrive 1 -1 journey

An 8 week journey in creating resilience & wellbeing to support you in changing times

This 8 week coaching journey is a chance to explore what inspires & nourishes you & what future visions you'd like to bring into your life. This is an opportunity to get focus & perspective in changing times... It's designed to nourish, re-inspire & motivate you to move forward with clarity & focus to create your ideal life. On the journey we'll connect with your strengths, recognising your skills & gifts on your life journey?  We'll also look at new possibilities for your future & you'll come away with clearer sense of direction & intention.

"I feel more connected to my power sources and passions, an enhanced

awareness of my values and life path…calmer & more grounded.

The future feels less daunting.“



Week 1: Beginnings and what makes your heart sing?

Week 2: Celebrating achievements & successes


Week 3: Self nourishment & making space

Week 4: Exploring your values & inspirations

Week 5: Adventure in your life

Week 6: Creating a Vision Board [2 1/2 hr session]

Week 7: Intention setting/ AKA the bigger picture

Week 8: Celebrating the journey & closing

Life is full of surprises & changes & sometimes we just need a sense of clarity, perspective & self-nourishment to get us moving forward. Often when big changes happen in life, we can feel like we are at the middle of a crossroads, unsure what way to go next! Transition times are full of potential & hope, but also can be overwhelming and confusing & this coaching journey is designed to support you through these times to a more resilient & authentic life. This course is designed for anyone going through transition & changing times. 


The programme is aligned with my group programme of the same name but we will work one to one on Zoom [or in person] using coaching & creative tools to open up your vision & inner resources to take back into your daily lives. We will meet every week for an 1 + 15 min, part from week 6 which is 2 1/2 hours long.


Kids left or going to school? 

Changed jobs? 

Newly separated/ divorced? 

Moved house? 

Or maybe just feeling stuck with where you are right now? 


Check out what past participants have said about this course below... 



This course is 11 1/2 hours of 1-1 contact time, with your own personal Coach, over the 8 weeks, alongside availability for quick check in's in-between sessions via phone / email. 

As a way of making this service available to more people I have introduced sliding scale payment options. You choose which rate to pay based on your circumstances. If you're on a low income, student or other circumstances, please get in touch, as I sometimes have concessionary slots available.

Full rate: £885. For incomes over £50,000

Middle rate: £759. For incomes up to £50,000

Lower rate: £632. For incomes up to £30,000

Payment options:

  • In full before starting the sessions

  • Monthly payments are possible by setting up a standing order in advance of the 1st session and paid before each session

Ways to pay:

  • Bank transfer

  • Monthly Direct Debit

  • Paypal 

Contact me here to have a Discovery Chat or book


"Daisy’s authentic work comes from a place of true integrity & genuine compassion to see her clients blossom in their lives.  She embodies a strong clear yet soft & nurturing energy which has made me feel safe & able to open up my vulnerabilities.  She holds the space with such grace & beauty - she is wise & shares her wonderful knowledge with generosity so all can benefit.  This is the feminine heart in action."  


"If you ever feel slightly stuck and uncertain of which path to take, this would be the course for you with Daisy as a leader and an amazing, inspirational woman to facilitate you on this amazing journey to find and understand yourself. I would totally recommend this fun and exhilarating course, meeting such like minded individuals. It has been a pleasure and inspiration to meet Daisy and I would highly recommend this course. There are surprises every week."



“I can attest that this is a wonderful course! I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels the need to be nurtured & uplifted, especially if you’re in a state of change at the moment. It’s nourishing and extremely helpful!”  



“It was firstly a lot of fun & incredibly useful for us all being at a ‘cross roads’ & time of change. The course was made up of exercises both physical & mental, we got to create vision boards, share in a safe space, reflect, dream, share ourselves & have ended up with a journal like tool kit that we can always refer to in those stunted/ lost moments! I would absolutely recommend this course & consider coaching with Daisy! She is softly powerful & will help to bring clarity to a clouded mind & heart!“  


"Thank you Daisy! I really appreciated the supportive and safe space you created for us all. I especially appreciated you replying to my email; your kindness and wisdom really helped me to look differently at something I had been struggling with for a long time. The sessions guided us through the coaching process gently. I have a sense when looking back at our few weeks together that the value will turn out to be very much more than the sum if its parts."


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