Sawhain Coaching Walk

Sunday November 1st, 10.30am - 12.30pm


I'm really excited to be celebrating & exploring the time of Sawhain, the second of a year cycle of ☆

I'm really excited to be exploring Sawhain on this☆Seasonal Coaching Walk☆ on Sunday 1st November, 10.30am -12.30pm. A combination of walking on the land, enquiring coaching questions, mindful moments & group celebration on the beautiful South Downs hills above Lewes.

We'll be tuning into the energy of this time & explore what gifts of reflection, learning & inspiration this time holds. Sawhain marks the ending of the years outer growth cycle & a new cycle of inner reflection & incubation. Welcoming these dark days is an opportunity to shift your focus from achieving/ doing, into contemplation & assimilation of what's authentic & meaningful to you. A great time to acknowledge your ancestors & what wisdom they have brought to your life. How can we integrate that into our daily lives & how did the Celtic ancestors of this island celebrate this seasonal change?
To be one of the 6 participants please reserve your space by messaging me below or by PM for bank details or pay via PAYPAL to with your name & number as reference [pay friends option please]

♡ Cost £15 per walk ♡ 


This group will be have a maximum of 6 participants to align with Covid guidelines and observe social distancing throughout. We will walk whatever the weather to embrace this season fully. Hot herbal tea will be provided.



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