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Visioning your future – Creating Vision Boards

Private booking available for groups of 2 or more or 1-1 sessions

Next workshop:Saturday 28th October 2023, 1.30 - 5.30pm @Brighton Buddhist Centre, Tichborne Street, Brighton - Link HERE to book

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreamsEleanor Roosevelt

Do you have a vision for your future?  Maybe you feel you need a change in certain areas of your life after this last year but don’t know what it looks like? Are there are things in life you have always wanted to do, but don't know where to start?   Join Daisy in this fun and empowering “Vision Board” workshop where you will get a focused space to start whatever you and your subconscious want to do!  The workshop is a chance to play yet is also deeply motivational. You don’t need to have any creative experienceat all - just come with an open mind! Essentially it is a tool to tap into your subconscious, to help focus and connect with your deeper desires and then influence manifesting it into your life.


What is a Vision Board though? …I hear you cry!

On a physical form a vision board is a poster board on which you glue images and words that you’ve torn out from various magazines. You can also include postcards or any other pictures or photographs you have brought along. I bring all the materials!

We start with a focused guided meditation, clarifying & focusing your intention.  Then we take quiet time to create our personal boards & tap into our intuition, looking over magazines for images and words that feel right and creating our own collage of visions… all carefully guided by Daisy.  Finally we learn tools to impact your life after the workshop & then you get to you take your board home.


I offer this workshop because I know from personal experience what powerful changes vision boards can bring into your life.  I have used it many times to create big effective changes in my life and am always amazed, in my own life and my coaching clients, what shifts can happen once you allow yourself to tap purposefully into your subconscious.


Each participant will have their own materials provided for. If you have extra magazines at home to cut up feel welcome to bring them - the more the merrier!


We will each have our own space to create in.

Costs & Booking info:

Cost: £45 for 4 hour workshop + all materials included + tea break.

Concession option available


What are past participants saying?...


“Daisy has such a gift in guiding the process creatively and supportively. A unique experience! Thank you…”

“Daisy’s Vision Board workshop was a beautifully held, creative & empowering experience allowing us to reconnect to our dreams and be intuitively guided by the words & images…to create a collage of dreams and possibilities that acted as a focus to manifestation.“

”I’m looking at my board 6 months on from doing the workshop and I can’t believe how much of my board has come true! It feels great and very special!”

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