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Daisy is fantastic at keeping the session focused and uncovering what you really want out of life.

— Cara, Photographer

"Coaching with Daisy was just like a journey with a trusted friend who does not judge you. It is such a lovely experience to have someone there just for you... to listen, to share ideas, clear blockages, empower you to go out there and 'start the ball rolling'. I now have more clarity of my situation and what I need to do next and I also have more understanding of myself and what I want in my life. I really looked forward to our chats and I always wondered what would come out of each session as every session was different and every one was really useful to me at that particular time - uncanny! I slept better afterwards and I felt so good and more confident. Thank you Daisy. I am really looking forward to continuing our coaching sessions." 

                                                            Beverly, Teacher

"Thank you for doing your magic on me yesterday Daisy. I feel like me again!!! You're an amazing coach - Thankyou again...  

I cannot believe the difference in me!"


"As a Writer & Artist Daisy's coaching has been such a blessing. It's given me so much more clarity, perspective & hope."                                    Sarah, Artist & Writer

"It's given me a wonderful toolbox to help me move forward and to use if I become stuck. It helped me focus. It inspired me...."                                                       Terrie 

 "Daisy's life coaching sessions are brilliant. They leave me feeling inspired, optimistic, positive and feeling like anything is possible in my business. Daisy is fantastic at keeping the session focused and uncovering what you really want out of life. She is efficient at communication both verbally and in emailing the written tasks and goals to complete agreed in the session. She is friendly, enthusiastic, reliable and it is really enjoyable to have her as a life coach. Her sessions are the highlight of my week!" 

                                            Cara, Creative Entrepreneur

"I have greater clarity on my ideas from our Coaching sessions... much more trusting as the path ahead unfolds & far less anxious"

                     Belinda, Mum

"I loved our session today. I loved the way I felt calm & balanced... You gave lots of spaciousness & reflective time" 

                      Bella, Creative  

"It's been a magical process, so much more than I could have hoped for! It's the nurturing space I was always looking for." 

                   Sophie, Writer

I feel nourished & uplifted by the TTT course & have more love in my life. I also feel that I have gained some valuable friendships.”

"Coaching with Daisy met my expectations really well. In fact it was better than I had thought. I think its had a really good effect on my life and business. A sense of directions and being reminded over a period of time what your goals and intentions are.... Continuity of purpose. I feel that I have a greater sense of things being a process and that if you keep chipping away at things than things will shift and change. I think you are a brilliant life coach. I felt very seen and understood by you. Thankyou Daisy for your time and energy." 

                                                                                                      Anna, Acupuncturist

"I loved Daisy's fluid, relaxed and intuitive approach. I felt completely comfortable and supported entering this new terrain, able to say anything, ask anything, explore dimensions of things that might initially have seemed unconnected to what we were discussing, but which turned out to be pivotal in understanding why I was doing things in a certain way..."                                                                                                                                     University Lecturer

"Daisy is an attentive & intuitive coach. I would definitely recommend her as a coach. She is present & very responsive during coaching sessions. She is very good with ensuring that she gives the client space to reflect. Her style of interacting is very inviting & promotes inquiry on the part of the client & to consider & experiment with different courses of action. I was able to gain a great deal of clarity around a new focus for my business & have found a new direction for the business that is energizing & that taps into my interests in a new way. "

                                           Nora, Business Coach USA

"Daisy’s authentic work comes from a place of true integrity & genuine compassion to see her clients blossom in their lives. She embodies a strong, clear yet soft & nurturing energy which has made me feel safe & able to open up my vulnerabilities.  She holds the space with such grace and beauty - she is wise & shares her wonderful knowledge with generosity so all can benefit. This is the feminine heart in action."


"Thank you Daisy! I really appreciated the supportive & safe space you created for us all on the Time To Thrive Course. Your kindness & wisdom really helped me to look differently at something I had been struggling with for a long time. The sessions guided us through the coaching process gently. I have a sense when looking back at our few weeks together that the value will turn out to be very much more than the sum of its parts."


“My coaching experience surpassed my expectations. With Daisy’s guidance I was able to identify areas of my life that I have always regarded as being somewhat intangible.  Being able to honestly reflect on them and consider what I truly want out of life is a process that is quite novel but very refreshing for me. I have gained a much better insight on how to reflect on my life rather than simply live within it.”                                                                                   Daniel, Medical Doctor

 “The course was brilliant! I feel like I have found my sense of direction again. Thanks to the course I now have the vision & the compass, I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get there! I have gained some valuable tools to help me when I get stuck in the future."


"If you ever feel slightly stuck and uncertain of which path to take, the Time To Thrive course would be for you! Daisy is a leader & an amazing inspirational woman to facilitate you on this amazing journey to find & understand yourself. Each week you were given thought provoking homework with support from your group & from Daisy too. 
I would totally recommend this fun and exhilarating course, meeting such like minded individuals. I has been a pleasure and inspiration to meet Daisy & I would highly recommend this course. There are surprises every week!"


 "I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully positive and supportive it has been to experience life coaching with Daisy. I really liked the positive encouragement I received from Daisy throughout, it gave me confidence in my self and spurred me on to taking the steps I needed to to move forward in my life. I also really liked Daisy's pragmatic task focused way of working when necessary as it was very good for me to have clear practical goals to achieve between sessions, and helped me gain a sense of progression. I have gained so much more clarity about what it is that is really important to me and what I can best focus my energy on to achieve my goals. The coaching meant I conducted thorough inquiries into my plans and dreams and found out what the reality of them would entail and having looked more deeply into them, actually realised some of them were not right for me, this was so so useful.

I now feel I have a much more clearer idea of which of my dreams to pursue in a real and practical way. The coaching has really helped me to plan and take practical steps to getting closer to these goals. It was so helpful having agreed tasks to achieve each week, and having someone giving me such support and encouragement with doing this, but also pulling me up when I didn't manage to do the tasks. The life coaching has been a very positive, nourishing, empowering and re-focusing experience which I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to experience. I would recommend Daisy to anyone!"


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