Monthly Intention Sessions for business

One hour a month completely focusing on your business

These monthly 1-1 sessions have been created to particularly support Self-employed creative & holistic health entrepreneurs, who run their own small business. Working alone without a team behind you can be tough sometimes to see the wood through the tree's! These monthly sessions are an opportunity to get aligned with your bigger vision, check you are on purpose, support you within the business, create strategies for the month ahead & everything in-between.

I offer these sessions as a 6 month journey together - once a month. You might see me as your cheer leader - 'wing woman' - mentor - protector of the vision -work/life balance advocate. Every month it's a chance for you to check in, reflect on the journey so far, and grow, learn, vision into the future and see what's needed for yourself & business to be aligned & on purpose.

I'm second generation self-employed - watching my father's business in our home all my childhood & then myself being self-employed since 1992, running my own business's. I've learnt a few things along the way of what works and what doesn't!  I'm super inspired by all the amazing self-employed businesses out there being the change they wish to see in the world & it's a great joy to support them be the best they can be with my coaching skills.


Alone we can be isolated - with support & in collaboration we grow stronger.


Sessions cost £50 a session & are booked as a whole chapter, scheduled monthly - you decide what time of month works for you. A series of 6 months costs £300. Payment can be made in monthly instalments if need be, ahead of each session with a deposit of £50.