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Coaching creates a supportive environment to...

  • Get clear about your goals.I will help you determine what’s really important to you and help you stay focused on that.

  • Create wider perspective, strategies and be accountable. Coaches keep you on track and moving forward toward new levels of  achievement. For many of us, having someone we answer to motivates us to act.

  • Get clarity of your own wisdom, tap into your skills and  and learnings to positively benefit your future

  • Identify blind spots. Coaches help you figure out what you don’t know, and they clue you in to things you may not be able to see. They will be honest with you because they are not vested in any specific outcome.

  • Co-create focused action steps to reach your desired end goals, on a personal and project level

  • Feel happier. Because coaches help you identify and align to your values, create a focus, cut through clutter, and clear to, they help you increase your professional  and personal fulfilment.

I believe my client is an expert of their own life and through the process of non-judgemental conversations I aim for my client to come away from sessions with a sense of the possibilities and expansiveness of their choices and actions before them.

As your Coach I strive to facilitate your transformation and be a supportive partner on your journey... like a cheer leader who encourages you to live the life you have imagined or covered up. Unlike your friends I may challenge you and check your personal narratives, if I sense they don't truly support you, in a kind and compassionate way. Through this ongoing coversation deep beneficial changes happen.

Why Coaching?

  • To build a strong, nourishing foundation to build your dreams and aspirations on, for greater clarity, intuition and peace.

  • To help reconnect and clarify what you desire most and look at what inspires and excites you, and help you to achieve that.

  • To really look at where you are at now and look at where you you are going, including your strengths and fears.

  • To help uncover barriers stopping you move forward, help dissolve them and move you pro-actively forward in a supportive environment.

  • To have someone to celebrate success’ with, learn from challenges and have faith in you.

  • To support you to take action in support of your goals and dreams ongoingly.

Sessions run in 6, 9 or 12 session blocks so we can build on our learnings and conversations each time.

 ”I have gained so much more clarity about what it is that

is really important to me and what I can best focus my energy on

to achieve my goals. The coaching meant I ….”

“The minute you begin to do what you want to do, its a different kind of life”…Buckminster Fuller

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom..."

                                                                                 Anais Nin

Whats included in Coaching Packages?

  • A free 30 minute 'meet eachother' session, to establish if I'm the right coach for you before stepping into our journey together.

  • An 80 minute foundation/ first session, to really help you connect with what you really want from your coaching experience.

  • 5, 8 or 11 further one - to - one sessions, for 1 hour, every week, fortnight or month.

  • Session action points emailed to you within 24 hours of our appointments.

  • Access to my resource library, worksheets and inspirational matter.

  • Email support between sessions.

Before I work with any client I always offer a FREE, friendly 30 minute introductory session by phone, which gives both you and me a chance to see if coaching is what you are looking for and also if we can work well together.  These sessions are really important to determine whether this is the right path for you, and if you feel my style works for you.   After that I encourage clients to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions together or one of my coaching package so we can really deepen into the journey together and create long lasting changes.

If you are interested in coaching with me, the first step is to have a FREE 30 minute coaching session together to see if coaching is for you and to check me out [with no strings attached & no obligation].  If you want to sign up for this please click here and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Get in touch with me via the contacts page...

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