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A 7 week Group Coaching journey designed to nourish, re-inspire & motivate participants to move forward in their life & create their ideal life. Only 12 places available in this women only group to keep it intimate, all taking place via Zoom.


This course is a chance to explore your future goals, connect with your strengths & dreams, to find clearer direction, to recognise your skills & gifts... What inspires & nourishes you? Where do you want to go? Life is full of surprises & changes & sometimes we just need a sense of clarity, perspective & self-nourishment to get us moving forward. Often when big changes happen in life we can feel like we are at the middle of a crossroads unsure what way to go next! This time is full of potential & hope but also can be overwhelming & confusing. This course is designed to support you through those times.


Kids left or going to school? Changed jobs? Newly single? Moved house? Or maybe just fed up with where you are right now? This is the course to support you.


The course is 2 1/2 hours per week from 7 - 9.30pm. Course dates start in September & Spring 2021.

Time to Thrive Group Course/ Online

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