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Seasonal Intention Sessions via Online Video

Next session is Thursday 21st March, 6.30 - 7.30pm

A focused quarterly space, to align with the Equinoxes and Solstices, to tune into what's inspiring you & name what you want to nurture & manifest over the next season, in a supportive group held by me, a qualified trained Life Coach. Please find the video link below...



  • Review the last season by harvesting and celebrating our learnings

  • Do a mindful meditation to tune into what's inspiring you as you step into a new season

  • Name what you want to nurture and action over the next months

  • Create a support list to create resilience and wisdom sharing


The process always leaves me & my participants so much clearer & motivated as we head into a new season. There's something powerful about naming your intentions, giving them attention & finding actions to integrate & manifest them into your life. 


A pen & notebook to work in during the session. A diary is useful to implement some dates of possible actions.


The session is offered in the 'Gift Economy' style, that means you pay or gift what you feel in the spirit of reciprocity and generosity... as the session is offered by myself in the same spirit. It could be monetary, it could be something you would like to exchange, it could be sharing with your network so more people can take part, in might be recommending my work as a Life Coach. Whatever way you choose to exchange energy is welcome and can be done before or after the session. 


If you choose a monetary exchange please send your payment to my Paypal account at [pay friends & family option only please]. 

Contact me via the contacts page for bank transfer details as another option. Thank you so much.


Here's the link to connect on Thursday 6.30pm...

I look forward to seeing you there x

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