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Welcome to the inspirations page, where I like to share inspirations from my journey of life. Below you can find links to some organisations & inspirational blogs that have deeply inspired me.

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Book List

For my recommended book list…click here.

To get really focused & clear on your plan for the year, for business or life dreams, I can’t recommend this creative workbook enough. I have found it really helpful…

    Click here to have a look.




Leonie Dawsons Amazing Biz & Life Academy

This heart- centred business & support academy is one of the most generous, powerful, inspired, best-priced + transformational business training resources you’ll find anywhere in the world. It’s a training library jampacked with programs, meditations + kits to transform your business + life to Level Amazing. And it’s access to an incredible mastermind of almost 3000 women (just like you) who can help you with much needed brainstorming, support + guidance.

One part business + marketing training field + one part inspirational mastermind + one part soul-centered wisdom to make every part of your life glow, the Academy is the premier resource for women wishing to create amazing lives and businesses. I do have affiliation with Leonie but only because I absolutely love her work and think she’s great!



Embercombe - “Inspired committed action for a truly sustainable world”

They have weekend volunteering  opportunities, storytelling festivals, as well as their life changing  experiential courses called The Journey, The Descent and The Catalyst.  A wonderful place to recharge and get inspired on their 50 acre land in South Devon.


Optimal Living  – “Awaken your capacity for wellbeing”  

Highly recommended Mindfulness teachers who run 8 week mindfulness-based stress reduction

courses in  London, and also long distance telephone courses, as well as monthly meet ups.



Buddhafield Retreats

Environmental & Community based Buddhist retreats organised over the summer months camping   out in nature. They also run a deeply inspiring non-denominational fun festival in July.



Resurgence – at the heart of earth, art and spirit

The wonderful Satish Kumar set up this magazine to inspire and nourish thinking around the                 environment and our ecology. You can read articles online for joined up thinking about .



 Shekinah Ashram – Glastonbury

Great place if you need to take some time out for yourself in a warm and  supportive environment. This holistic B & B  is run with a spiritual intention, providing superfood breakfasts, hot sauna, meditation room and constant ongoing interesting classes to drop into. Its a short walks distance from the Tor and nature walks with a wide range of price options.

I highly recommend these Printers for quality business cards etc. I always use them because they are

easy to use, great templates if need be, and very quick to deliver! 10% off  your first order…

May 2014

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