These 8 sessions are designed to nourish, re-inspire & motivate you to move forward in your life & create your ideal life. To connect with your strengths & dreams... To find clearer direction... To recognise your skills & gifts...  A chance to explore your future goals.  What inspires & nourishes you? Where do you want to go? Where you are on your life journey?  Life is full of surprises & changes & sometimes we just need a sense of clarity, perspective & self-nourishment to get us moving forward.  Often when big changes happen in life we can feel like we are at the middle of a crossroads unsure what way to go next!  This time is full of potential & hope but also can be overwhelming & confusing! This course is designed to support, inspire & motivate you through those times being personally coached & supported by Daisy through the 8 week cycle.


Kids left or going to school?     Changed jobs?      Newly separated/ divorced?    Moved house?     Or maybe just fed up with where you are right now? THis is the coures for you.

Time to Thrive Wellbeing Sessions 1-1

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